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16 cm
16 cm
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My penis is it average or above or better I don't know I hope for some input from ladies!
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My penis is it average or above or better I don't know I hope for some input from ladies!

My penis is it average or above or better I don't know I hope for some input from ladies!
Age: 45
Penis Size (erect)? 9-10 inches
What is your height/stature? 5 10 /200 lbs
What is your weight?  
Description: It's been described by women nice to perfect and everything between. I'm not big on seeing others so I see one every day just looking for some ladies input ? I'm normal not a perv just really curious help! Oh I do know how to please her and do I try to it is what a man does before himself! This is not at full attention but close !
Date: 14.12.2014 08:55
Hits: 37
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3.89 (0 Vote(s))
File size: 179.8 KB
Added by: Nobodyspecial
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Join Date: 14.12.2014
Comments: 1

I never really got it when so many women complimented me but I have to say not seeing others and I just happen to have it with me everywhere but my god no offense I never saw anything like this I sound silly but now I'm getting a bit of what they mean they are overly attracted and very comfortable with mine no offense but why do some of the guys put it on here. I guess it's all they have im embarrassed.please I'm not arrogant just a bit shocking to me I never knew there are thing like this out there. I'm sorry but I'm really a little shocked I've heard but never saw it myself n I know why again not arrogant I don't know what to say!!!
14.12.2014 10:27 Offline Nobodyspecial http://Add more pictures

Join Date: 03.08.2012
Comments: 53
my point of view

you got a really nice cock, let me explain you that from my point of view: is not everything about the length, is about a balance between everything, the girth, shape, the general look (if is shave, circumcised, if curves, the shape of the head, etc). So all that is, at least for me, more important that one or two inches more.
And yes, you are big, so you have to take care if you deal with a woman first time, cuz it may hurt
15.12.2014 23:43 Offline SweetSamantha

Join Date: 14.12.2014
Comments: 1
Thank you sweet

I feel a little silly but I really never saw as many as I have lately n I'm trying to get it since obviously I've been looking at one my whole life but the more I see I'm not bing mean but some look deformed I never knew there were things like that! But I agree length isn't everything and I'm aware im a little bigger so I kind of unless it's one of the crazy rip ur cloths off night I am careful to be gentle. Thank you for your honest opinion !!
16.12.2014 00:12 Offline Nobodyspecial http://Add more pictures

Join Date: 03.04.2015
Comments: 21
No worries

That would make any woman happy. But be gentle and she'll open up for that thing. Trust me.
13.04.2015 18:01 Offline Penny

Join Date: 14.12.2014
Comments: 1

Thank you Penny that's really nice to here I do trust you! I'm here because I really don't know why mine is so different also ladies are very comfortable with it ? I have women that grab it even just this weekend a very good looking women saw me n it's been a while I lost weight so she was like omg u look great! She lifted my shirt then did it right down the front of my pants. But it's not uncommon her very angry boyfriend stepped in she almost caused trouble. Not purposely but is it me ?
Hi Penny I'm sorry I was asked some questions I can't answer it may be people being idiots cause they're try to make me feel that way . How can't I know you think people are stupid. This is what they are saying. Anyway you were nice and honest but if you would if no ok but I'm not gay I really never cared about others junk porn of course but you
R not gonna see what's here I went with what I was told. Can you tell me what is so different in your opinion I have to say I've been overwhelmed by the nice n sometimes outright compliments that put me on another planet.I can tell u more about showing my sister the first time my god .
Thank you again anyway you decide
16.04.2015 07:27 Offline Nobodyspecial http://Add more pictures

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