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Puffy Pussies

Explore the wonderful world of puffy pussies from hardcore women who enjoy vacuum-pumping their genitals. They increase their size by applying the vacuum to their vulva or other body parts. Watch the amazing transformation from start to finish and see how large they can get their intimate body parts to increase in size temporarily. It's a fantastic sight to watch and enjoy the sensations and pleasure women get from their swollen pussies. So, in the end, you wonder, what does it feel like when they get all puffy? You'll have to experience it on your own.

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When you subscribe to Genital Size, you can unlock all our Puffy Pussy Galleries—featuring bold and daring women performing vacuum pumping and increasing the size of their genitalia. Enjoy watching their vaginas grow in size, becoming puffy and swollen with giant pussy lips. Enjoy full access to all our galleries, and we are confident you will find something you will enjoy watching!

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