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Genital Size - Upload and share selfies of your genitals!




  • How can I upload a photo?
    You can upload photos to any section of the site (breasts, vaginas, penises) by clicking on individual countries. Once you find your country, feel free to click the button as shown below “Upload Selfies Pictures” and you will be taken to the corresponding upload form. Select the picture(s) you wish to upload and provide some information about your genital size.
  • Can I upload multiple photos from various angles?
    Yes you can, however our system is currently setup to upload one picture at a time, so you will have to comeback to your country and upload each photo individually. You are allowed to upload any amount of pictures you want to be published on Genital Size.
  • Is the photo gallery open to everybody or do I need subscribe?
    The galleries are open to all men and women who are 18+ or older, to view pictures of male and female genitalia as well as breasts. If you wish to upload pictures, simply select your country of residence and upload your photos as a guest or as a subscriber. If you wish to subscribe, simply fill out the registration form and open a free account to manage your profile and photos.
  • Is Genital Size Free?
    Yes, Genital Size is a free site and will remain free to use for all adults who wish to share pictures of their genitals, comments and other means of sharing. You can access all sections of Genital Size and participate as you feel comfortable in doing so. You can also register for free if you wish to make comments or manage your photos.
  • How can I remove a photo I uploaded?
    To remove pictures from Genital Size, simply copy and paste the link of your picture and use our Report Content form and request removal of the picture. There is a mandatory 30 day waiting period for an image to be removed to prevent abuse of our time and resources. Once the 30 day waiting period has concluded, your image will be removed automatically from our system. Please note we do not give out confirmations once an image has been removed.

Genital Size is a free public photo sharing site for individuals who are 18 years or older who wish to post selfies of their genitals.

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