Feb 16, 2023
Male Birth Control Pill

Breakthrough Discovery: Male Contraceptive Pill a Step Closer

In a groundbreaking development, researchers have taken a significant step towards developing a male contraceptive pill. An experimental drug has been discovered that temporarily blocks sperm in mice, with preclinical trials showing it to be effective in preventing pregnancies. This is a major step forward in the quest to find an effective and reliable male birth control method.

Feb 9, 2023
Highly attractive

Understanding the Science of Sexual Attraction

Sexual attraction is a complex phenomenon that has been studied by scientists and researchers for decades. It is the force that draws people together, leading to the formation of romantic relationships, sexual relationships, and sometimes even lifelong partnerships.

Jan 19, 2023
Feeling aroused

Sexual arousal and what happens to our bodies when you get aroused?

Sexual arousal is a natural, normal response of the body. It can be experienced as a warm tingling in the pelvis or genital area that often leads to sexual desire and orgasm. For men, sexual arousal typically indicates an erection (hard penis); for women, it means vaginal lubrication (wet vagina), engorged labia, and an erection of the clitoris. Both men and women may experience other changes during arousal, such as a faster heart rate and increased blood flow to the genitals or face.

Jan 19, 2023
It's coming out!

Breaking the Silence: The Science Behind Why We Fart While Peeing

It's a question that has puzzled humanity for centuries: why do we sometimes let out gas when we pee? The answer, my friends, is simple. It's because the two actions (peeing and passing gas) both involve the release of built-up pressure in the body.

Jan 18, 2023
Little swimmers

Sperm in its journey through the female reproductive tract?

Sperm is the male reproductive cell. Sperm are made in the testicles and are made from a different type of cell than an ovum (egg). The sperm is the only cell that can produce an egg.

Oct 11, 2022
The squirting female!

Female squirt or squirting, what the fluid expelled reveals

New studies reveal that when a woman squirts during the climax when having sex, or squirting. The fluid mainly consists of urine which is expelled from the urethra.  Japanese scientists had a group of women and a man participate in a small study to analyze the contents of the squirted fluid women would expel from their bodies.

Oct 3, 2022

Woman has sex with two guys on the same day and gets pregnant with twins

A young woman in Brazil got pregnant with twins while having sex with two different male partners in an extremely rare event. According to the local gynecologist who attended the young woman in Moneiros, Brazil.

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