• Does size matter?

    Do you measure up? How big are your genitals?

    Does size matter when it comes to genitals? How well do you measure up to ther men and women when it comes the size of your genitalia? Let's start exploring human genitalia, it's size, shape and how we use our sex organs during sex!
  • Too small, too big...

    Men and women come in all sizes and shapes, so do genitals...

    What happens when desire meets reality? We all have personal preferences when it comes to everything. So "yes" we all have preferences when it comes to appearance, size, shape, etc...
  • To feel insecure

    It's a taboo to discuss certain things about his or her genitals?

    Well have insecurities about many aspects of our bodies, the shape, size, etc. No one is perfect, but we can work around certain aspects when it comes to our genitals and their compatibility.

How big are your genitals?

Does size matter? Genital Size Magazine explores male and female genitals and their size!

Whether you are small, medium or large, genital size plays a key role in sex and sexual desire among men and women.
Let's start exploring human genital size and how well "you measure up" to your own gender and with the opposite gender...

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What are your sexual interests?

Statistics and data
Genital size research, what sexual interests do you have and would like to experience? We all have sexual desires that make us crave certain experiences. We have setup a special site to find out what makes humans tick when it comes to sex and sexuality.

Male genital size

How big is your cock?

When it comes to men, male genital size is highly important to men themselves and to women. Size issues with male penises has been around since the dawn of time. Larger genitals (penis and balls) tend to be preferred and seen as more virile. Physical appearance is also an issue, women tend to like genitals which look better, because some downright scary while other have a more uniform clean look. Explore male genital size and find out where you fit in compared to other males or how well does your partner measure up!

14 cm

Small Penis Size

14 to 16 cm

Average Penis Size

16 cm

Large Penis Size

Female Genital Size

How big is your vagina?

There are certain preoccupations when it comes to women and their genitals. The main preoccupations of women see to be related to appearance as a primary issue. Size also plays a role in how women feel towards their genitals since they want to feel something during coitus. And scents or smells comes in as a third preoccupation.

Pretty or not?

Most women have issues with the way their genitals look, woman want their pussies to look their best!

Getting too big for him?

Size issues plays a role in how women feel with their vaginas and how much sexual satisfaction their receive.

What about odors?

Odor and smell can be embarrassing and may indicate a health problem. Women don't want to smell bad...


Genital Size offers an in-depth look into male and female sex organs, there is a great deal to explore. We are fascinated by our genitals, we hide them, we abuse them and yet we can’t live without them. They give us pleasure and provide the means for human reproduction. Yes, size matters, shape and appearance, but how we learn to live with what we have ultimately matters the most.

Genital Size Magazine, a place to explore sex, relationships, genitalia and much more fully illustrated and uncensored!


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