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What men prefer

The Top Ten Traits Men Find Attractive in Women

Learn about the ten traits that make women attractive to men, including confidence, humor, intelligence, and more. Discover how these qualities can help women attract and build meaningful relationships with men.

Starting over

Sex with a new partner after being dumped!

What is it like starting over after leaving a profound relationship and having sex again with someone new? Something we must all endure in the quest for love.

what girls prefer

What Women Find Attractive in Men: The Top 10 Traits

Women have diverse preferences when it comes to finding a romantic partner, but certain traits seem to be universally attractive. Here are the top 10 traits that make a man irresistible to women.

Hotwife in training

How I convinced my husband to allow me to have a fling

I have been married to my husband for over eight years now; I love him with all my heart and things are going well most of the time. But our love life has been sort of slow and dull at times; it feels like a routine doing the same things over and over.



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