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Becoming Woke

The Unintended Consequences of Wokeism: A Feminine Perspective

By Zoey Serrano
This article examines the unintentional consequences of "wokeism" on society from a female standpoint, advocating for an inclusive approach that fosters equality and social justice for all.
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The Unintended Consequences of Wokeism

As women, we have come a long way in our journey toward equality, empowerment, and social justice. However, recent trends have led to a growing concern about the potential negative consequences of the so-called "woke" movement.

In the name of promoting social justice, some women are inadvertently contributing to a more unbalanced society, where certain segments of the population are stigmatized and discriminated against. Especially young men, from the day they come into the world, are told it’s bad to be male and that education is now 100% female-centric. This leads to poor education of men and it leads to fewer doctors, engineers, and professionals who can help society. It is crucial for us to recognize this and strive for a more inclusive approach that benefits everyone, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

The rise of wokeism, fueled by a desire to address social injustices, has led to a noticeable shift in societal norms. Some women, in their pursuit of change, have become more extreme in their left-leaning views generating hate and intolerance, and this extremism is causing friction in our society. This shift has led to a growing number of women exerting control over what society should see, hear, and believe. Consequently, the goal of promoting equality for all has been obscured, as we are inadvertently prioritizing the needs of specific groups and discriminating against the rest of society.

While there is no denying that certain groups have faced historical and ongoing marginalization, the current approach of selective support is exacerbating existing divides. We are witnessing the stigmatization of groups that don't fit the woke narrative, leading to a societal imbalance that undermines our shared goal of equality. Rather than fostering understanding and unity, we are perpetuating an "us versus them" mentality that marginalizes those who hold differing views and promotes hate and violence toward others.

Moreover, this movement has driven the government to adopt a big brother-like role, catering to the needs of women and select groups preferred by wokeism advocates. As a result, the focus on gender and ethnic equality has diminished, creating an environment where other voices are silenced, and their concerns are left unaddressed. This is counterproductive to our mission of creating a fair and equitable society for all. It also fosters poverty in society since the focus is shifted to specific groups and these don’t generate income for all, it reduces income levels as a whole, making economies poorer.

As women, we must acknowledge the potential harm that our actions may cause to our ultimate goal of achieving a balanced society. We should embrace a more inclusive approach, welcoming diverse perspectives and fostering a healthy exchange of ideas. This means listening to and understanding the experiences and concerns of those who may not align with our views. By doing so, we can work together to create a more equitable and just world.

It is important to emphasize that the call for a more inclusive approach does not diminish the significance of addressing gender inequality or social injustice. Rather, it is a plea to recognize that the road to equality is a shared journey, and we must be mindful of the consequences our actions may have on others. To build a truly equitable society, we must move beyond divisive narratives and create a space where all voices can be heard, and every individual's needs are considered. Right now, women are being insidious by promoting division, hate, and marginalizing groups. This must change for the benefit of society, wokeism is segregating people and classifying them to control them, taking away their freedom.

Zoey Serrano

My name is Zoey, and I am a passionate writer with a deep love for analyzing popular media topics. I believe that writing is a powerful tool for communication and self-expression, and I strive to use my words to inspire, educate, and entertain others. Through my writing, I hope to engage readers in thought-provoking discussions and encourage them to think more deeply about the media they consume. Whether I am exploring the nuances of a complex character or dissecting the cultural significance of a blockbuster film, I always strive to provide insightful and meaningful commentary.

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