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Aug 28, 2023
Darfur's Natural Vaginal Lips

The Luscious Vaginal Lips of Darfur: Nature's Flirty Wink

In the vast, awe-inspiring landscapes of Darfur, Mother Nature seems to have left a cheeky signature. Among the rugged terrains and majestic mountains, there's a natural rock formation that's got the world giggling and blushing. Meet Darfur's 'Luscious Vaginal Lips' – a rock formation bearing a somewhat hilarious resemblance to the female sexual anatomy.

Jul 31, 2023
Candiru: Misunderstood Menace?

Candiru Catfish: A Dive into the Unusual Parasitic Perils of the Amazon

Within the vast wilderness of the Amazon, a peculiar menace lurks beneath the surface of the river. Known as Candiru, or vampire fish, this tiny, translucent catfish has gained notoriety for its seemingly bizarre behavior and the unexpected harm it can inflict on humans.

Jun 18, 2023
This is strange?

The Cultural Phenomenon of Donkey Sex in Rural Colombia: A Look at the Region of Cartagena

Colombia, a country with rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, has several unique customs and practices. One such practice, seemingly controversial to most parts of the world, involves zoophilia - particularly the act of engaging in sexual relations with donkeys. This practice is relatively common among certain rural parts of the country, especially in the coastal region near Cartagena.

May 3, 2023
Dolls in charge

The Pros and Cons of Sex Doll Brothels: Exploring the Controversy

Sex doll brothels have become a controversial topic in recent years, with several establishments opening up in various cities around the world. These brothels offer clients the opportunity to rent a sex doll for a specified period, and engage in sexual activities with the doll in a private room.

Jan 14, 2023
Smell me

What is a Pheromone Party? Learn about the pheromone parties that are going around in bars and clubs

Pheromone parties are a strange concept. After all, we're not dogs or other mammals that rely on scent to attract mates. But it's still fun to think about what attracts people at a pheromone party. So what is a pheromone party?

Jan 14, 2023
A Legend lives on

Is the Mythical Donkey Show of Tijuana Real or Just an Urban Legend?

The Donkey Show of Tijuana has been an elusive topic of conversation for years. It is a source of curiosity and fascination for many, with some believing it to be a real event, while others are convinced it's simply an urban legend.

Jan 10, 2023
The giant balls

The Legend of the Bubal Tribe and Their Giant Testicles

The Bubal tribe is a mysterious ancient African tribe shrouded in myth and legend. One of the most interesting myths surrounding the Bubal people is that their men have giant testicles. This intriguing legend has been around for centuries, but there has never been any solid evidence to prove its truthfulness. In this blog post, we will look at the story of the Bubal tribe and their giant testicles, exploring the origins of this myth and examining whether it holds any truth.

Jan 1, 2023
Brief coffee

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a blow job at a fellatio café

The Fellatio Café, also known as the "fellatio cafe," and other names are coffee shops appearing in various countries; initially, the idea started in Thailand with local businesses offering blowjobs to patrons while they had their drinks brought to them. Later a local business in Geneva, Switzerland, gave customers the option of receiving oral sex from a sex worker while they enjoyed their coffee. The café, which opened in 2016, is the first of its kind in Europe and sparked a lot of controversy and debate while it operated.

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