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Jun 30, 2022
Bumpy ride

Subway ride of pleasure.

Ever since Amber could remember her tits were always bigger than anyone else in her class, and even in 8th grade, she was a solid C-cup. After about a month of subway rides, Terri would get fed up and take her car to work, but that usually only lasted a day or two because of the horrible traffic and expensive Loop parking rates. The subway was considerably faster and cheaper, if not more convenient than driving a car.

Jun 30, 2022
Trek to remember

Along the beaten path

The morning was cool and crisp as I began my hike up the trail to the top of Terry Peak, and although it was late October, the sun was just beginning to warm the South Dakota mountainside. I had been looking forward to the solitude of the mountains all week and relished the thought of two days away from the office. I adjusted my backpack, picked up my walking stick, and set off at an easy gait. 

Jun 30, 2022
Nice and big

The girl with the two inch clitoris

Robin was lost in thought as she rode the Clark St. bus on her way to her job as a junior trader at the Board of Trade in downtown Chicago. Having only graduated from the U of I three months ago, she felt very lucky indeed to have landed such a good job in such a short time. If she kept her nose to the grindstone and worked hard, Robin was sure that not only would this job provide the mental challenge she needed, but also the kind of money most folks only dreamed of.

Jun 30, 2022
Nice and round

18 with a D-cup bust.

Ever since Amber could remember her tits were always bigger than anyone else in her class, and even in 8th grade, she was a solid C-cup. While now as a junior she filled her bras out to a very full 36D. All this big tit flesh ran in the family, as both of her older sisters were D's, and her mom and two aunts were double D's! It's not as if they were big overweight cows either. The Wilson girls while not thin, were nowhere near hefty, nice and healthy is how her dad referred to her mom, and that described Amber to a tee!!!

Jun 30, 2022
Behind bars

Shower time for a prisoner.

Dell hated working on holidays, away from home, all alone, and bored stiff, not a very pleasant way to spend Christmas Day, and worse yet, the surroundings sucked, seeing as he was a deputy sheriff of Hall County, and had jail duty for the day.

Jun 30, 2022
In-flight fantasy

The mile high club when age does not matter

".....we'll be cruising at an altitude of 33,000 feet with an air speed of 480 knots, the weather is clear and we should reach Houston right on time, and thank you for flying World Air!" After Emma Burton had stared out the window at the fading lights of Seattle's skyline, she ordered a Bloody Mary from the hostess and buried her nose in the new novel she had purchased at the airport newsstand, and while she was just about to get into the plot when she was interrupted by her young seatmate, a college-age man sitting just to her right! "First flight," he asked?

Jun 30, 2022
Lost in a jungle

Taken captive in a remote jungle with no escape from the tribe

"How did we ever get this lost," Angela asked her husband Gene, "I'm really afraid?" After kissing his young wife on the cheek and giving her a hug, he replied, "Don't worry, everyone saw us leave camp, when we don't turn up by nightfall they'll send out a search party to find us, we might have to spend the night out here, but we're gonna be all right!"

Jun 30, 2022
Passion abroad

The trip to Mexico for a woman missing her husband

"Please take me with you," Ruthanne begged her husband, "I won't be in the way, I promise!" Jake Gannon kissed his wife gently on the cheek and whispered softly into her ear, "This trip is strictly business, honey, now I'm only going to be gone for five days, and besides, and I’ll call you every evening!"

Jun 30, 2022
Voyeur from a distance

The voyeur from the adjacent building

Marie Jenkins closed her eyes while rotating her head as she tried to work the kinks out of her tired neck and shoulders, it had been a long day, and now here it was almost ten-thirty at night and she still had a pile of reports to go over before tomorrow's big meeting! Deciding to take a five-minute break, she stood up and stretched, and for some reason, she cupped her full chest through her blouse and tweaked her rapidly hardening nipples!

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