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Oct 18, 2022

The Thunderstick 2.0 Super Charged Power Wand

The best intimate massagers offer an easy way to stimulate your erogenous zones and provide pleasure in the right spots, whether you may be alone with your partner. These specialty massagers will do the trick to get your blood flowing in your intimate zone.

Oct 17, 2022
Little clit tickler

Vibrassage Fondle Silicone Vibrating Clit Massager

The Virassage Fondle Silicon Vibrating Clit Massager is a great little toy for any girl who loves direct stimulation on her clitoris. The three little silicone ticklers are soft to the touch but provide just the right amount of movement in semi-circular motions.

Oct 14, 2022
Stroking your schlong

The Milker Extreme 16X Sucking, Squeezing, and Vibrating Masturbator

Do you want to feel something amazing, something that mimics the real feeling of sexual penetration? With the Milker Extreme 16X, explore new sensations that enhance your solo experience with this Milker Extreme Sucking Masturbator!

Oct 11, 2022
For puffy pussies

Size Matters "Vaginal Pump"

This entry-level pump is perfect for any occasion and any woman who wants to try vacuum pumping. The Vagina Pump comes in two sizes that fit over the vulva from front to back.

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