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Are You a ‘Grower’ or a ‘Shower’? Study Reveals Surprising Findings

A new study by Spanish urologists has uncovered surprising findings on the size differences between flaccid and erect penises. Discover whether you are a 'grower' or a 'shower' and why it matters for surgical procedures.
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Is Your Penis a ‘Grower’ or a ‘Shower’

Are you a “grower” or a “shower”? This may sound like crude slang, but it is an important consideration for urologists performing penile surgery. Recently, Spanish urologists conducted research on the size differences between flaccid and erect penises to determine whether most men are “growers” or “showers.” The findings were presented at the European Association of Urology Congress in Milan, Italy, and shed light on an often-overlooked aspect of male genitalia.

Slang vocabulary often uses the term "grower" to describe a man whose penis significantly increases in size upon erection. Conversely, a "shower" refers to a man whose genitalia does not experience a significant increase in size when erect. Researchers say it’s crucial for urologists to be aware of size fluctuations if they’re performing a penile surgery. “Being able to determine whether a patient is a grower or a shower is crucial since they are typically observed in a flaccid state during examinations” lead researchers said in a statement. Individuals who experience a significant increase in size upon erection may require an alternative surgical technique, in contrast to those who do not undergo significant growth.

The urologists conducted ultrasound scans on 225 men in both flaccid and then erect states. As per the findings, the typical penis experiences a 42% increase in size upon becoming erect in comparison to its flaccid state. Males whose members grow more than 56% from flaccid to erect were categorized by researchers as “growers,” while men whose penis size increased by less than 31% when hard was designated as “showers.” The ultrasound scans concluded that 24% of men are growers while 25% are showers. Most men in the study (51%) fell into a “gray zone” between the grower and shower categories.

Interestingly, the study found no correlations between age, weight, smoking status or other co-morbidities, and penis growth. Nonetheless, males categorized as "showers" typically exhibit longer flaccid penises, with an average measurement of 11.3 centimeters (4.44 inches). Conversely, "growers" tend to have smaller flaccid penises, measuring 8.8 centimeters (3.46 inches). However, both grower and shower males exhibit comparable sizes when their penises are erect.

While this study may seem frivolous, it has important implications for urological surgery. For instance, if a man is a grower, a surgeon may need to make a different incision to access the area they need to operate on. Knowing whether a patient is a grower or a shower can also help a surgeon to predict the amount of tissue that will be exposed during a procedure.

Furthermore, understanding the differences between growers and showers may help men who are unhappy with the size of their penis. For growers, seeing a significant increase in size during arousal can be reassuring and may alleviate concerns about size. For showers, however, seeing little difference in size between the flaccid and erect states can be disappointing. This knowledge could help urologists to provide better guidance and support to their patients.

In conclusion, the study of whether men are growers or showers may seem trivial, but it has important implications for urological surgery and men’s health. Urologists should be aware of the size differences between flaccid and erect penises to ensure that they are using the best approach for each patient. For men, understanding whether they are growers or showers can provide reassurance and help them to manage their expectations.

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