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How to correctly measure your penis length

When it comes to measuring penis size, most men measure it incorrectly and in doing so, you won't get an accurate reading of the actual length of your penis. You can throw all the numbers you want at your lady friends, but it won't mean a thing unless you get an actual reading. For accurate results, you should use a soft measuring tape. It also prevents any injury while measuring as opposed to using a construction tape measure.

For the best and absolute measuring results, there are two erect penis results that you will obtain. One is measuring from the base of the pubic region to the tip of the penis. And the other is by compressing the fat in the pubic area to the tip of the penis. You will get two different penile lengths with these measurements. Having two different measurements gives us a more accurate reading since one man might measure from the base and another by depressing the fat. This gives an erroneous penis length from different measuring methods.

Penis measurement #1:

Mons pubis penis length: This is the measurement of the penile length measured from the base of the mons pubis to the tip of the erect penis. How much does your penis measure here? _______cm/inches.

Penis measurement #2:

Pubic bone penis length: This is the measurement from the pubic bone to the tip of the erect penis. This is done by depressing the fat in the pubic area and touching the pubic bone, measuring the length of the penis to the tip. How much does your penis measure from the pubic bone? ________cm/inches.

By using two different types of measurements, we can get a more accurate result as to the actual length of the human penis. It's different if some men measure from the pubic bone, while others measure from the mons. Men who measure from the mons pubis will tend to have shorter penises when compared to men that measure from the pubic bone. Thus, if we require men to take two different measurements, you eliminate the errors many men face when measuring their penis.

You also have the honesty factor when measuring penile length. What you and your partner share might be an honest measurement of your penis length. But when men are getting into a relationship with someone new. Your penis size might grow longer mysteriously during the start of the relationship. You know who you are!

To measure the girth of the penis, it should be measured right in the middle of the penis, regardless of your length; always measure in the middle portion. Take the soft measuring tape and wrap it around your penis. This is pretty straightforward; you should now have three different measurements.

  1. Mons pubis penis length
  2. Pubic bone penis length
  3. Penis girth

Now that you know your actual penis length and girth, how well do you think you measure up to other men? You can look around genital size for that answer and you can also participate in our online studies. Most men will notice that they fall within the range of normal penis size. Just a few of you will have bigger penises than the average joe. And about the same percentage will have smaller penises, which might pose a problem for some men if you are worried about penis size.

So, you might be asking, do men who are physically bigger and taller have larger sex organs? In some cases, they might, while in others they might be smaller. There is no real relation between body size and penis size, just a small tendency towards it. So, take some time and measure your erect penises and see how well you measure up to other men.

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