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Doctors remove dead cockroach from woman's vagina in Honduras

Doctors in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, were shocked when they removed a live cockroach from a woman's vagina. The woman had complained of an "extremely strange" feeling and was unable to sleep. While it is rare for insects to enter the body, doctors warn about the dangers of inserting foreign objects.
 |  Zoey Serrano  |  News
Doctors remove dead cockroach from woman's vagina

In a shocking and unprecedented incident, doctors in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, removed a live cockroach from the vagina of a woman who went to the hospital complaining of an "extremely strange" feeling in her private parts.

The woman, whose name has not been disclosed, reported that she had been unable to sleep the previous night because of the strange sensation in her vagina. When she visited the hospital, doctors were initially prepared for the usual suspects: condoms and sex toys that have been known to cause similar problems in patients in the past.

However, they were "very anxious" when they saw the cockroach, as it was a first for the hospital. According to experts, cockroaches are the most common insects to crawl into people, but it is extremely rare for them to be found inside someone's vagina.

It is unclear how the cockroach got into the woman's body or how long it had been there, but doctors were relieved to remove it without any complications. Insects that get into the body can be dangerous because they could scratch sensitive tissue, such as in the vagina or ear, triggering an infection.

A gynecologist at the hospital, said that the incident was a reminder of the importance of personal hygiene and safe sex practices. "We urge women to take care of their bodies and practice safe sex to avoid these kinds of incidents," she said.

The news of the incident has sent shockwaves through the medical community in Honduras and beyond, with many experts weighing in on the dangers of foreign objects entering the body.

A urologist in Tegucigalpa, said that while it was rare for insects to enter the body, there were still many cases of foreign objects, such as stones or coins, being found in patients' private parts. He urged people to seek medical attention if they experience any unusual sensations in their genitals.

In recent years, there have been several high-profile cases of foreign objects being found in patients' bodies. In 2018, a man in China had a live eel removed from his anus after he inserted it into his body during a drinking session with friends.

In another incident in the same year, doctors in the UK removed a 6-inch sex toy from a man's rectum after he had accidentally swallowed it while performing oral sex on his partner.

While these incidents may seem rare, doctors say they serve as a warning to the public about the dangers of inserting foreign objects into their bodies.

As for the woman in Honduras, doctors say she is recovering well and has been advised to take better care of her personal hygiene to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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