Genital size galleries are up and running, please report any bugs you find so they can be corrected. The addition of new content to the site will be coming in the next few months, with the integration of social and video to the website. No time frame will be given since it's all been done by volunteer work.

How big are your genitals?

Does size matter? Genital Size Magazine explores male and female genitals and their size!

Whether you are small, medium or large, genital size plays a key role in sex and sexual desire among men and women.
Let's start exploring human genital size and how well "you measure up" to your own gender and what the opposite gender desires. The site is divided into various sections listed below, start exploring and participate, make your contributions also by posting photos, videos, writing articles and let's make this site great and a fun place for all adults to visit.

Sections and categories of Genital Size

What are your sexual interests?

Statistics and data
Genital size research, what sexual interests do you have and would like to experience? We all have sexual desires that make us crave certain experiences. We have setup a special site to find out what makes humans tick when it comes to sex and sexuality.

Genital Size Magazine, a place to explore sex, relationships, genitalia and much more fully illustrated and uncensored!


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